After years of reading every parenting and self help books I could get my hands on I started meeting with Becky. My best analogy to describe the difference is books give you a shovel and direct you towards a field. Becky gives you a mirror. A mirror that helps you in a journey to see yourself and place in this world (your family) more clearly. You will truly learn to enjoy life!

Winter Mack

Becky is a steady and trusted guide that assists in leading you through reflective self-exploration. She asks questions and offers insight that take you deeper in to your spiritual and subconscious mind and offers opportunities to both heal from within, plus heighten your awareness of your needs as well as the needs of others. In short she helps you take your power back in a positive and healing way!

Jessica Yengst

I had a lot of stress from worrying about my struggles as a mother, wife, and human being. Working with Becky allowed me to see the value in excepting emotions and life circumstances without judgement. By accepting my feelings and responses to situations, my stress levels and feelings of guilt dropped dramatically. With only a few sessions, my kids commented that I was a happier mom and yelled less. It has been an amazing beginning to my journey of self discovery and acceptance!

Tiffany Burton

Becky Sanchez’s coaching sessions were amazing.  I was completely surprised at 1) how quickly she was able to help me pinpoint the issues I was experiencing and 2) how quickly they were able to be resolved.  It was like peeling back layers of baggage that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying, such that each time I left her I felt lighter and more able to cope with the stresses in my life.  This is something everyone can benefit from regardless of where they are in their lives because it helps you really look at yourself and see what’s holding you back from achieving greater happiness and peace.  I truly look forward to my next session with Becky!

Jennine Zebroski