Over and over again, I find myself in the same situation. STUCK. Feeling like I’m not enough in some way or another. So my mind goes to work in “figuring out” a new solution. I’ve changed my circumstance many times, and still keep coming to the same dead end. Today, for a brief moment I rose above the maze. Every path lead to the same place, why was I in it? What if it has nothing to do with the walls in front of me but everything to do with how I feel! What “walls” am I putting into place by my own judgements and ‘standards’ (read: self-criticism). This shift of belief lifted me above the stress and I saw how I was manufacturing the stress. Curious where this new thought pattern will take me. Do you find yourself stuck in a similar rut?

Becky has dispelled the myth that you can’t have it all… Becky’s a Mom of 6, a loving wife and a purposeful parenting coach. Her level of self-awareness and her continual focus on being her best self is what sets her apart. Becky is a Conscious Coach who can truly help any person awaken to their highest purpose. A nurturer to her core… Becky’s work is at the heart of what our families most need… as she provides the pathway to self-love, family connectedness and, ultimately, a better community and a higher level of consciousness that is changing our World for the better.

Crystal Davis

Business Mentor and Coach, Crystal Clear Solutions