The Family School of Thought  

   Embracing what was once rejected, Henrietta finally removed that energy-sucker. Hatred and shell shunning took up so much energy. Now, Henrietta felt light, abundant, and grateful. Everything began to take on a new glow.

   What is your shell? Parts of us have been hidden and rejected for lots of our lives. How do we see what we are hiding? The answer is simple, look in the mirror. Learning to understand how  a mirror works takes time and experience. Watching a baby discover a mirror is fascinating. Babies take time to learn what they are seeing is a reflection and not another person. Animals never grasp this concept.

   Another mirror exists that many don’t understand. Our experiences around us reflect back to us what we are hiding about ourselves. Learning to understand what you are seeing takes time and training. What we are experiencing can be compared to tuning a piano. When a certain note is hit, everything that is tuned to that note will also vibrate. As we change the tone of the note, tighten, or loosen the string, it no longer resonates with the things around it that previously responded. Similarly, as we heal the hidden parts of us, we no longer attract those experiences that responded to the old belief in our lives.

   The key is to step back and not get lost in the mirror. It is all good, all the pain, bad, ugly hurtful, negative things are good when seen for their gifts. The first step is recognizing what is showing up is a reflection. It is a message about something we are ignoring about ourselves. It will keep showing up in different ways until we receive it. Having faith to trust the process and stepping out of victimhood is powerful and freeing. Each step is right on time and rushing or skipping steps is not possible, we get to feel all the emotions we have been avoiding.

   What is showing up in your mirror today? Stay tuned for more stories illustrating the mirror and the dark tunnels that lead to healing.


The Family School of Thought

Becky has dispelled the myth that you can’t have it all… Becky’s a Mom of 6, a loving wife and a purposeful parenting coach. Her level of self-awareness and her continual focus on being her best self is what sets her apart. Becky is a Conscious Coach who can truly help any person awaken to their highest purpose. A nurturer to her core… Becky’s work is at the heart of what our families most need… as she provides the pathway to self-love, family connectedness and, ultimately, a better community and a higher level of consciousness that is changing our World for the better.

Crystal Davis

Business Mentor and Coach, Crystal Clear Solutions