There is this place I stand in the assembly line moving the machine forward. Feeding this in and taking that out and moving this lever forward to make the great beast of RESPONSIBILITY inch onward. My mind wanders. What if I went to the beach?*ka-chunk*. I’d like sitting in the sand- whirr whirr, as I pull another lever and insert the required substances. The waves washing in a rhythmic motion washing all my thoughts in and out of cracks and crannies…..SQUEAL!!! Oh! I got distracted, and quickly add more lubricant to make things flow forward. Focus on the task at hand. And my beach evaporates. Day in and day out I fill quotas make goals and achieve them or don’t achieve them and continue to stand in this spot. I dream of doing something important, like writing a book that really helps someone. If I could see myself *brush tsk Brush* differently, maybe I could be something or DO something. THEN would I be an important person in this assembly line? Or could I leave the assembly line all together? What if I left the assembly line? I can’t leave the assembly line… someone has to pull these levers and put this substance into the machine… This is what I DO. Maybe one of my kids can do this DOING for me, and then I could pause for a minute to think. Sure, put myself first but not in front of the assembly line. I must find others to take my place on the assembly line if I want a break. Others leave, some get sick and break down and others around them pick up the pieces, some make a break and move to a different part. Then they continue to do the same thing on a new part of the assembly line. They claim its better, at first. It isn’t better, it’s the same. My little ones play until they are old enough to be trained on the assembly line. Then they are required to learn different parts of it. I’ve heard of one or two actually leaving, stepping away. No longer being on the assembly line, are they peaceful? Are they happy?

Do you feel like you are on the assembly line?

How do I get off? What does it look like when I do?

Becky has dispelled the myth that you can’t have it all… Becky’s a Mom of 6, a loving wife and a purposeful parenting coach. Her level of self-awareness and her continual focus on being her best self is what sets her apart. Becky is a Conscious Coach who can truly help any person awaken to their highest purpose. A nurturer to her core… Becky’s work is at the heart of what our families most need… as she provides the pathway to self-love, family connectedness and, ultimately, a better community and a higher level of consciousness that is changing our World for the better.

Crystal Davis

Business Mentor and Coach, Crystal Clear Solutions