As I began to raise my children and felt either compelled to use bribery/ punishment or just ignore everything and “hope” for the best, I noticed neither way gave me peace of mind for long (if at all). I began a journey looking for another way. I discovered compassionate parenting, as I implemented those tools I quickly realized that it only works if I do my own work and have compassion for myself first. This wasn’t an overnight change – this was a five year retraining of mind set. Last week, (and yesterday) I had another major breakthrough, thanks to my mentor Crystal Davis. I recognized this same pattern in every avenue in my life. Finances, self care, leadership, relationships. My mind/heart knows there is a better way yet my belief system kept me bouncing back and forth from ‘head in the sand’ to ‘tightly controlled forced action’, busy, busy, busy. I’m keeping busy to hide from my emotions. Allowing the emotion in a safe place is the key to transformation and the magic door out off the hamster wheel. As a society we fear emotions, from being hushed as a crying baby to being told to keep a stiff upper lip as an adult. I have been using my emotions to guide me but didn’t know how to share this process. Our emotions are our guidance system, hiding them is like hiding your GPS. Have you ever felt stuck? To the point of contemplating drastic action- divorce, moving, suicide, running away, or just simply checking out for hours with your favorite distraction, (cleaning or netflix bingeing)? When we hide from our emotions we can only hide for so long until they overwhelm us. Not knowing how to navigate that overwhelm leads us to act out against our environment until the emotions are spent, then begin to build again. And the fight continues. I have learned how stop the fight – I continually remind myself and stop abandoning my emotional self, and begin to listen. Learning how to balance our minds, hearts, spirits and emotions is a process that requires us to learn how we show up in the world. Crystal Davis has given me the tools to facilitate this growth. As I embrace myself – I can see my children more clearly. I want them to learn this balance and this guidance and to see themselves as whole beings. I teach them when they ask or are ready for the guidance, when the student is ready the teacher appears. Are you ready? The magical details are unfolding. I look forward to sharing more about this process with you. Please contact me if you want to step out of the terrible storm of emotions and learn how to comfort and heal the hurt behind the storm.


Becky has dispelled the myth that you can’t have it all… Becky’s a Mom of 6, a loving wife and a purposeful parenting coach. Her level of self-awareness and her continual focus on being her best self is what sets her apart. Becky is a Conscious Coach who can truly help any person awaken to their highest purpose. A nurturer to her core… Becky’s work is at the heart of what our families most need… as she provides the pathway to self-love, family connectedness and, ultimately, a better community and a higher level of consciousness that is changing our World for the better.

Crystal Davis

Business Mentor and Coach, Crystal Clear Solutions